We believe in networks and collaboration with great partners. 
Here you find some of them

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

Launched in 2013, the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator is a Berlin-based accelerator looking for trail-blazing digital entrepreneurs. We’re more than just an accelerator: we provide global opportunities from day one, through our international network in Europe and Silicon Valley.

Three times a year, we run a three month-long program in which we provide startups with office space in the heart of Berlin, coaching, workshops, networking, 25.000 euros, events and more. The program ends with the Demo Day, where startups will have the opportunity to pitch in front of an elite audience of local and international venture capital firms for additional seed and Series A funding. Plus, startups have the chance to meet Silicon Valley investors as well as go to Silicon Valley.


hy! Berlin

hy! Berlin is an international network hosting various events about innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the year. In doing so the hy! network supports the digitalization of the European economy. Visionary companies will come together with well-established business leaders, building a bridge between the old and new economy. hy! is founded and organized by Berlin entrepreneurs Hans Raffauf and Aydogan Ali Schosswald. Since January 2013, Axel Springer SE is holding 49 percent of the hyvent GmbH. 


The Hundert

The Hundert is a leading magazine on Berlin's startup scene.

Berlin’s startup scene is vibrant, bustling and full of promise. As Europe’s fledging startup hub, it needs established entities to help bring together the separate branches of this growing culture. The Hundert aims to connect anyone and everyone interested, invested or involved in the Berlin startup ecosystem. The vision has always been to produce a freely distributed high quality magazine – both in content and production – that makes the inner workings of this environment accessible and approachable.



Gründerszene is the leading online magazine for startup scene and digital economy in Germany. Daily news and backgrounds, specialist articles and video clips as well as analyzes, opinion articles and reports - Gründerszene offers its readers the most interesting information about the industry at first hand.


Online Marketing Rockstars

Online Marketing Rockstars is a comprehensive event and media brand when it comes to the ever-growing online marketing industry. With an annual conference with the hippest speakers, live acts and own exposition, a blog that provides daily material for discussion, a successful job exchange and "Online Marketing Camps" OMR clearly show that digital marketing is everything but boring.



The entrepreneurial leadership programme UNTERNEHMERSCHULE is designed and facilitated in strong alliance with experienced Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs [ger: UNTERNEHMER] to empower talented managers driving innovation forward in their organization. Beneath the implementation of the latest management tools we provide you with a personal mentor and a safe practice space in which you can work on your ideas and turn them into a competitive business model.